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Decrease the risk of a broken leg in infants on slides

Evidence based practice

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I read this article a few days ago and while I know it will have little impact on most people, if the advice can help just one parent and infant avoid an injury, it's all worthwhile.

Pediatric doctors looked at fractures (bone breaks) in the tibia (bone between the knee and ankle) of infants on playground equipment. The authors concluded, "Many parents believe they are increasing the safety of their young child by placing the child on their lap while going down a playground slide. Parents should be educated not to go down a slide with a child on their lap. If the child is unable to use the slide independently, another activity would be more appropriate."

Broken bones in infants are extremely rare, but hope that this information is helpful and you can share it with a new mom that might benefit from this study and save both mother and child the pain and distress of a broken leg.

Click here for the reference.

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