Raju Gupta (Raj) B.P.Th.

Raj graduated in 2011 and has since developed extensive knowledge in rehabilitating orthopedic and Sports injuries. Close collaboration with Orthopaedic Surgeons over several years has given Raj broad knowledge of the latest surgical approaches in both upper and lower extremities and their post-operative rehabilitation. He also has extensive experience in the treatment of a wide spectrum of non-surgical Orthopaedic conditions.

Raj has also done Post Graduate Diploma in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion (WWHP) from Centennial College, along with doing his Co-op from Harmony Hall center for seniors, where he developed various Gentle fitness and exercise classes by his combined knowledge of WWHP and physiotherapy.

Raj has a keen interest in treating all injuries ranging from acute sports injuries to chronic, movement-based and postural related injuries. His scope of practice includes rehabilitation from injury, return to sport, management of pain, functional improvement, overall strength and conditioning, and pre-rehabilitation. Raj is passionate about serving patients and utilizes evidence-based treatments involving manual therapy (hands-on treatment), electrotherapy, exercise therapy, therapeutic taping, and patient education.

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