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Dr. Kevin Deoraj

Kevin Deoraj graduated from University of Ontario Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Health Science followed by completing his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2021. Dr. Kevin practices in an evidence-based manner to help his patients achieve all their goals. Dr. Kevin practices diversified techniques for chiropractic which consists of exercise prescription, spinal manipulative therapy, joint mobilization and soft tissue therapy. During his professional career, Dr. Kevin has published several studies on concussions and thoracic outlet syndrome as a chiropractor. Dr. Kevin places a strong emphasis on self-management with patients to ensure that they have all the resources they need to manage any aches or pains that are bothering them. In his spare time, Dr. Kevin is an avid dragon boater who loves spending time on the water and in the gym. He promotes self-empowerment of his patients and an active lifestyle to help patients feel and move better.

Dr. Kevin Deoraj


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