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Jeffrey Addley

RMT and Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Jeffrey Addley is an evidence-based massage therapist that completed his Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy at Fleming College in 2014. His special interest working with sport injuries and mobility issues encouraged him to continue his education in Strength & Sport Conditioning at Canadore College in 2015, as well as travel to Ireland to earn his Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Health & Leisure with Massage from the Institute of Technology Tralee, in 2018.

Jeffrey is passionate about manual therapy and rehabilitation, working with various levels of sports, including Canadian National Teams in Swimming and Track Cycling, as well as Semi-professional Basketball and Lacrosse Teams. His practice utilizes an evidence-based approach to treatment, focusing on treating the root cause of pain and dysfunction by incorporating various massage and joint mobilization techniques to promote healthy joint motion and structural symmetry throughout the body.

Jeffrey has always been driven to further his knowledge and skills in his field, and is currently studying part-time for his master’s degree in Osteopathic Practitioners.

Jeffrey Addley

(RMT and Osteopathic Manual Therapy)

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