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Seeing A Physical Therapist Early Can Help With Long-Term Success

In our last three post, we’ve looked into the most common causes of low back pain and offered some tips on what to do if and when it strikes. Taking these steps and making other smart lifestyle changes–like moving more, sitting less, and improving your posture and sleeping habits–undoubtedly has the potential to significantly reduce low back pain levels. But even after making all the right changes, back pain will continue to be a problem for many patients.

For these individuals, a much more systematic and comprehensive treatment approach is needed that addresses the impairments present, and there is no other option that fits this bill quite like physical therapy. Physical therapy is predicated on first identifying any limitations or dysfunctions that can be contributing to a patient’s pain, and then developing a customized treatment plan to targets these faults with a series of movement–based interventions. While individual goals may vary from patient to patient, the overall goals of physical therapy are always to reduce pain levels, increase physical function, and prevent further recurrence of pain.

Physical therapy is associated with a host of benefits that will save patients time and money while putting them on a path to positive long–term outcomes, and the earlier a patient sees a therapist, the greater the benefits will be. To give you a clearer idea of what physical therapy can do for your low back pain, here are four of its most notable evidence–based advantages over other approaches to treatment:

The top 4 benefits of early physical therapy for low back pain

  1. Reduces the need for additional care
  2. Leads to similar outcomes compared to surgery and helps patients avoid it
  3. Helps patients avoid opioids
  4. Results in lower overall costs

With such a clear set of benefits, it’s easy to see why physical therapy is regarded as the safest and most logical choice for low back pain. So if you’re dealing with any persistent or chronic pain, we strongly recommend making an appointment with your local physical therapist to get started on a path to less pain, better function, and greater enjoyment of the things you love.

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